Tia Tuovinen

Customer Success Lead at Veri
Hi all! I am Tia, I lead the customer team here at Veri. In addition to people, my passions are (naturally) health and wellness, especially HIIT. I also enjoy cycling, hiking and puppies of any make and model.


Hi everyone! I am Tia, recently returned to my dear homeland (Finland) after spending nearly a decade living abroad. I have recently joined the Veri team as their Customer Success Lead - it is my job to ensure you get the most out of your experience with us, that all possible issues are resolved as soon as possible with friendly service, and that you enjoy being part of this community and being on this learning path with us! 

In my free time, I love keeping active with a variety of sports, I love to find cool cafes and try different roasteries' coffees, and I love dogs and puppies more than almost anything. 

I'd love to hear about your experiences, ideas, feedback, suggestions...anything! Send me a message if you'd like to chat. 😊
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